What does Arcadia mean?
"Ancient Greek State - Pastoral Simplicity and Harmony in Nature"  We believe that this accurately describes what you will find when you stay in one of our homes.  It is our sincerest wish to provide you with peace and harmony as a guest of Arcadia Vacation Homes.

What are those strange "boxes" by the beach?
South Coast Vacation Rentals, aerial viewSeveral of the vacation rental homes offered by the Crooks are located on the site of an old salmon hatchery.  Hatcheries have been used for decades to improve the survival of young salmon along the coast - keeping the age old tradition of coastal fishing alive and well.  Hatcheries are facilities where fish are bred and raised for at least part of their life cycle.

In addition to the foundation of the hatchery, the historical flumes are still in place ready to carry the salmon back to the sea.  The Crook family has allowed these structures to remain in place to allow you a sense of the past while enjoying the incredible private beach setting.

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